The MATA founded and developed the Athletic First Aider Program (AFAP) which is a progressive, educational program that provides individuals with a hands-on, practical program to increase their knowledge of the management of activity-related injuries. The AFAP is for individuals actively involved in sport, fitness, health, or recreational activities. Courses included within the AFAP are the Canadian Sport Safety Program, taping symposiums and basic emergency first aid. 


This course is open to those individuals looking to assist with community teams providing first aid coverage.  Learn how to tape an ankle and manage football specific injuries for higher care.  It is highly suggested but not manditory have a valid first aid and CPR to take the course.   
The course is specifically designed for parents, coaches and officials to understand what may happen on the field if an injury arises, immediate care and treatment, and identifying when higher medical assistance is required.  Course participants have ranged from stay-at-home parents to firefighters and nurses.  Individuals that are exempt:  athletic therapists, sports physiotherapists, sports medicine physician (or equivalent). 


What is a Football Athletic First Aider Course? 

The program has been operational since the summer of 2005 and is designed to educate individuals providing first aid to football teams. 

The course is 14 hours long and provides theoretical and practical sessions on the following topics: 

  • Role of the First-Aider. 

  • The Health Care Team 

  • Liability 

  • Medical Exams 

  • Nutrition 

  • Fitness Training 

  • Protective Equipment 

  • Basic Anatomy 

  • Injury Classification 

  • On-Field Assessment 

  • Sideline Assessment & Management 

  • Return to Play 

  • Life Threatening Injuries 

  • Non-Life Threatening Injuries 

  • Taping & Bracing   

  • Energy Drinks & Proper Hydration 

For further details, please contact the MATA, or 204-925-5930